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Re: Has it really been 17 years?
Fri Jun 23, 2017 02:22

Did you get a chance to see them on their most recent tour? They had a couple of Canadian dates.

I'm glad I visited the board tonight and found your approval of the Symphony tour, as I see they're going to be in Detroit and in Columbus, in both cases on an available day, later this year. It's meant to be.

Have to admit I've been an undutiful Zelda fan: although I've owned Breath of the Wild since launch, I haven't done much since reaching Kakariko. It's a beautiful game, but my first open world one of any series, so intimidating. I've heard of people putting hundreds of hours into it. In any case, I intend to get back to it soon, and I will absolutely share my thoughts here, even if it's years before someone reads them.

Have you beaten it? Wii U or Switch?

For me, Wii U was an on-a-whim purchase a couple of years ago, and Twilight Princess HD and this are my first Zelda experiences since N64. Seems like just yesterday I was downloading the Quicktime trailer for Ocarina on IGN, probably at your recommendation.

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