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Has it really been 17 years?
Tue Sep 1, 2015 02:54

Crono, you wouldn't believe how amazing it is to see this place.

The urge struck me again to travel back to the old Dreamfire board, only to find - as you did - that it had finally been terminated. Frankly the old thing lived much longer than I think any of us anticipated and in a half-baked moment, just to see if it was somewhere archived, a quick Google search brought me here. I loved reading your recap of our storied history, but more importantly, I was really glad just to see this monument to our little corner of the web. In fact, before I even finished reading, I had a feeling you were the one behind this.

I wonder if any other internet community has been as persistent as we've been?

Anyway, thank you. Given discworld's new rules, I'm not sure how long this new board will survive, but my hope is that we keep Dreamfire's community alive for as long as the internet will let us.

    • For X and other concertgoers: presale password: INNGANGUR Shows in Toronto and Montreal on May 28 and 30. I had to miss the previous tour due to my just starting... more
      • Band I haven't heard of? - Emik, Tue Dec 13 15:57
        Post-rock? Ethereal sound? Bowed guitar? Icelandic? Thank you Wikipedia I will give this a listen!
        • Did you like what you heard? - Crono, Fri Jun 23 02:06
          They came to my area a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed the show so much that I had to see them again, even though it meant driving a few hours there and back, alone, on a night before work. The most... more
          • Not entirely outside my wheelhouse - Emik, Mon Jun 26 18:59
            Not sure I could call it something I'd pop on in the shower but they had a very interesting sound that made for great ambient music. Overall I'd say I enjoyed it, thanks!
    • Re: Has it really been 17 years? - Crono, Tue Apr 5 01:00
      Hey, X. It was great to see that you (and Link, Emik and Shiva!) found the place, and not too long after it came into being. I share your enthusiasm for keeping it or some version of it alive for the ... more
      • Re: Has it really been 17 years? - Anonymous, Wed Mar 29 23:27
        Would you believe that all these years later and I still haven't managed to catch a live Sigur Ros show? It's funny, a co-worker a few months ago was telling me they were in town and how incredible... more
        • Re: Has it really been 17 years? - Crono, Fri Jun 23 02:22
          Did you get a chance to see them on their most recent tour? They had a couple of Canadian dates. I'm glad I visited the board tonight and found your approval of the Symphony tour, as I see they're... more
      • My mistake - Crono, Fri Apr 8 12:23
        Just realized my interpretation of the email was woefully off the mark. Tickets are now available to to the general public; it was on the 5th, not the 8th, that the presale began. That's what I get... more
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