Melanie McLeod
BRI Assessment
Wed Sep 9, 2015 20:54

I totally agree with you. The Beginning Reading Inventory has given me much more insight into my student's strengths and weaknesses. Also, it's a very quick, efficient way to level my students' reading abilities. The BRI is more student and teacher friendly. It gives a very detailed picture of the students' areas of achievement as well as areas of concern.

  • Beginning Reading Theory - Regina, Wed Sep 9 17:04
    That is very true especially when we spend a great deal of time doing TRC and Dibels assessments. After assessing, we need to fix the child's reading problem although we are not certain what the real ... more
    • BRI Assessment - Melanie McLeod, Wed Sep 9 20:54
      • Re: BRI Assessment - Candi, Wed Sep 16 16:06
        So we all agree that ERSI and IRI's can provide us with strengths and weaknesses for students so we are able to target specific skills to help students. I don't understand why dibels and TRC can't... more
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