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Re: Whole-to-Part Theory of Reading
Thu Sep 10, 2015 15:07

Teaching first grade, I feel that I have not really thought about silent reading. I also have my students self-select books on their level and read each day to themselves. I must say, I am guilty in the fact that I don't know how well they are comprehending their reading. However, a lot of my first graders whisper (or louder) when they read to themselves. Students use Raz kids a lot and are able to take the short quizes at the end. I have the same question about how to make sure students are comprehending when reading to themselves. Also, how much do I focus on silent reading in first grade?

  • Whole-to-Part Theory of Reading - Regina, Wed Sep 9 22:12
    I haven't really thought about the process of silent reading and comprehension. Cunningham's model made me think about how important reading silently is. I teach second grade and my students... more
    • making sure kids are reading - koppenhaverd, Fri Sep 11 10:01
      Regina, the way schools have historically addressed this question is to ask more questions during or after the reading. That, however, replaces valuable reading time with assessment of reading time.... more
      • making sure kids are reading - Regina, Sat Sep 12 17:10
        Thank you for that advice...I will try that. One thing that I have learned from Dr. Gill is to make sure children are reading materials that are on their individual reading level. I make an effort to ... more
        • Re: making sure kids are reading - Amanda , Sun Sep 13 13:52
          Regina, Finding materials on level is hard for me too. I find that we have NO materials to amount to anything other than Reading A to Z materials, that they can take home much less use at school. I... more
    • Re: Whole-to-Part Theory of Reading - byrdaw, Thu Sep 10 21:04
      This article reminded me of the importance of silent reading. I enjoy listening to students read text aloud because it enables me to identify growth in prosody.When I ask my students to read silently ... more
    • Re: Whole-to-Part Theory of Reading - Candi, Thu Sep 10 15:07
      • Read-to-Self and Comprehending - Melanie McLeod, Sat Sep 12 09:40
        Candi: I agree with you. It is quite difficult to truly know if our students are actually reading and comprehending when they work on Read-to-Self. It helps to have an assistant in your room at all... more
        • Re: Read-to-Self and Comprehending - Candi, Sun Sep 13 16:04
          Thanks Melanie! I will try this. I do have them record it and send it to me. I love the idea for them to echo read first.
      • 1st grade silent reading - koppenhaverd, Fri Sep 11 10:05
        Kids find it difficult to read silently until they can read a first grade level text with good understanding. So, you can encourage silent reading in your strugglers in primer or preprimer kinds of... more
        • Re: 1st grade silent reading - Candi , Sun Sep 13 16:08
          So if I have students reading and comprehending text in first grade, should I encourage silent reading more?
        • Re: 1st grade silent reading - Amanda , Sun Sep 13 13:58
          I usually listen to my daughter read her homework and the other night I told her to go ahead and start reading. While I was listening, I was in another room. All of a sudden it got quiet and I kept... more
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