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Smaller group sizes
Thu Sep 10, 2015 16:19

Yes for students that have attention issues and working memory issues. The reason I say this is because easily distractible students have a hard time focusing in a small group to complete a task while the teacher is talking with others in the same group. In the EC kindergarten writing group I teach they have a hard time initiating revision or idea generation without me prompting them through. I have 3 in this group and it is a lot at times to keep them focused and get them tasks completed. Time in never on your side in a pull out session so you really can't waste any time. How did she conference with the small group and what were the other students doing while they waited?

  • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - byrdaw, Thu Sep 10 05:27
    As I was reading your reply, I wondered why the idea of modeling never occurred in the writing lessons I learned as a young student. Teachers modeled how to solve mathematical questions, conduct a... more
    • Smaller group sizes - shannonsilver, Thu Sep 10 16:19
      • Re: Smaller group sizes - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:26
        She would conference with one student and the others would either be writing a piece of text or sharing their writings aloud with another student. The students had a sheet that they would use to... more
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