Melanie McLeod
Fostering Literacy Development
Thu Sep 10, 2015 17:32

Ms. Martha:
Your ideas for the pre-k classroom sound wonderful! I totally agree that pre-k teachers must refer to letter-sounds of student names, recognizing names, and labeling drawings as well as items around the classroom. Also, as you mentioned, reading aloud is of great importance at this age-level to foster literacy/communication development.

  • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - Martha Brown, Thu Sep 10 13:36
    In the pre-k classroom, I believe that reading each day is a critical component. It is important for pre-school teachers to talk to and with children every day for vocabulary development and to ask... more
    • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - byrdaw, Thu Sep 17 20:33
      Thank you for responding to my question. I love learning what reading occurs in the pre-k classroom and how those foundations are lain. Labeling is an excellent way to develop language for ESL and... more
    • Fostering Literacy Development - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 10 17:32
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