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Melanie McLeod
Writing Confidence
Thu Sep 10, 2015 17:42

I feel much more confident modeling the writing process for my students. I was always hesitant to model in from of them because I have always felt that I 'was not a writer.' However, I think teacher self-confidence is the key for students to have a successful writing experience within the classroom. Now I take risks with my own modeled writing, and feel confident when showing the children that it is ok to make mistakes as we draft (even as adults), and that we can change our thinking, revise, and edit while the drafting process occurs. As far as conferencing is concerned, It is much easier to conference with students when you have an assistant (as I do) within the classroom setting. However, it's best to have a schedule of conference days for each student. Alas, even then it's still challenging to find enough time to fit all the children you must conference with into their time-allotted slot during the week.

  • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 22:47
    I use to think that teaching writing was so difficult because it under the constructs of how we were encouraged to teach writing (explicitly) that either some students were born with a gift of... more
    • Writing Confidence - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 10 17:42
      • Re: Writing Confidence - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 11:16
        I realized last semester during our writing course that I must show confidence in myself if I expect that from my students. I approached this with my students that I was going to work on being more... more
        • Writing Conferences - Melanie McLeod, Wed Sep 23 19:09
          Hey, Candi: Conferencing is difficult for me because I only have approximately 30-min for Writing Workshop. Maybe choose two students per session to conference with after you have modeled your... more
      • Re: Writing Confidence - Amanda, Sun Sep 13 14:06
        I remember the fourth grade writing test. We had prepared forEVER for the test. We had practiced all year long. We had all our pencils sharpened and we were ready to go. Then we got the prompt "Write ... more
    • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - byrdaw, Thu Sep 10 05:27
      As I was reading your reply, I wondered why the idea of modeling never occurred in the writing lessons I learned as a young student. Teachers modeled how to solve mathematical questions, conduct a... more
      • Smaller group sizes - shannonsilver, Thu Sep 10 16:19
        Yes for students that have attention issues and working memory issues. The reason I say this is because easily distractible students have a hard time focusing in a small group to complete a task... more
        • Re: Smaller group sizes - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:26
          She would conference with one student and the others would either be writing a piece of text or sharing their writings aloud with another student. The students had a sheet that they would use to... more
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