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Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture
Fri Sep 11, 2015 06:00

I would suggest (especially for higher readers) helping them to build their silent reading endurance. Obviously, first graders are not going to be able to read "silently" as long as third graders, but maybe in the second half of the year begin giving them some silent reading time. Of course you'd would start out for just a few minutes and build up more time each day. I also feel like its important for students to know some self-monitoring skills. This may (or may not) be too advanced for first graders, but I am having to work 1:1 with a couple of students on reading, then stopping to check for understanding. "Do I understand what I just read?" "What just happened on this page?" "Does this make sense to me?" It doesn't seem like they have yet realized that our purpose for reading is comprehension. Basically, they read because I tell them to. I think it's also important for readers to know how to pick a book for silent reading that "best fits" them. This isn't such an issue with students who are reading on-grade level or above (except sometimes they want to choose books that are too easy), but my struggling readers want to grab chapter books and sit and stare at the page like they're "reading". So basically, start slowly building silent reading endurance, model and teach self-monitoring skills, and teach them how to pick books that a good fit for them.

  • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - Candi, Thu Sep 10 15:39
    So what advice would you give first grade, now that you are in third grade? What can we do in first grade, especially the for higher readers to help with the ultimate goal of silent reading?
    • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - brittanyavery, Fri Sep 11 06:00
      • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - Candi, Fri Sep 18 15:16
        Thanks! This is something I will work on. I have not thought about silent reading and how start to teaching this skill in first grade. However, after completing the IRI for our assessment class it... more
      • Silent Reading - megangouge, Wed Sep 16 16:28
        There is so much of a foundation that has to be set for silent reading to happen. Establishing a "purpose" for reading is such a difficult task for children to understand. I agree with building... more
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