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nature of ESL reader's problem
Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:12

I would argue that the student has a print processing problem or he has a print processing problem induced by the text difficulty relative to his ability. Review the model. There is no such thing as "a silent reading comprehension problem" in the way you've stated it. It is either a silent reading comprehension problem due primarily to language comprehension, word identification skills, or print processing. I'm willing to modify temporarily for a kid until we teach him better. If you, and maybe your classmates, want, I can teach you (or all of you) how to do the whole to part assessment, figure out what his (and other students' greatest difficulty is), and then show you how to pair instructional decisions to those assessment results.

  • Re: Whole-to-Part Theory of Reading - megangouge, Tue Sep 8 16:44
    I also felt a little like Brittany in that I felt like a newbie in that there were lots of things about silent reading that I hadn't taken the time to look at or think about. After working outside of ... more
    • nature of ESL reader's problem - koppenhaverd, Fri Sep 11 10:12
      • Nature of reader's problem - Martha Brown, Sat Sep 12 00:32
        I am interested in learning how to do the whole to part assessment. Thank you
      • Re:WTP Comprehension - joanne abrams, Fri Sep 11 18:57
        I would be interested in learning more about this type of assessment. Although I have primarily been a K-2 teacher I would like to know more about diagnosing upper grade students.
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