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Melanie McLeod
Read-to-Self and Comprehending
Sat Sep 12, 2015 09:40

I agree with you. It is quite difficult to truly know if our students are actually reading and comprehending when they work on Read-to-Self. It helps to have an assistant in your room at all times, because they can assist with lower-level students. My assistant sits with my lower-level reading students while they are working on Raz-Kids during Read-to-Self time. We use the "Fabulous 4" technique. The students must follow this procedure each time they read a book: Listen to the book for enjoyment, go back and echo-read each page of the book for practice, record the book, and take the quiz. My assistant ensures my Strategic Intervention group sits with her so that she monitors their Read-to-Self procedures. Also, the other students usually bring me their story to examine, and I look over their quiz after they work on the Fabulous 4 and complete a book. Sometimes, I have them read me a few pages to hear their fluency. If I feel that they are not very fluent with the text, I will ask them to go back and practice echo-reading the text once more.

  • Re: Whole-to-Part Theory of Reading - Candi, Thu Sep 10 15:07
    Teaching first grade, I feel that I have not really thought about silent reading. I also have my students self-select books on their level and read each day to themselves. I must say, I am guilty in... more
    • Read-to-Self and Comprehending - Melanie McLeod, Sat Sep 12 09:40
      • Re: Read-to-Self and Comprehending - Candi, Sun Sep 13 16:04
        Thanks Melanie! I will try this. I do have them record it and send it to me. I love the idea for them to echo read first.
    • 1st grade silent reading - koppenhaverd, Fri Sep 11 10:05
      Kids find it difficult to read silently until they can read a first grade level text with good understanding. So, you can encourage silent reading in your strugglers in primer or preprimer kinds of... more
      • Re: 1st grade silent reading - Candi , Sun Sep 13 16:08
        So if I have students reading and comprehending text in first grade, should I encourage silent reading more?
      • Re: 1st grade silent reading - Amanda , Sun Sep 13 13:58
        I usually listen to my daughter read her homework and the other night I told her to go ahead and start reading. While I was listening, I was in another room. All of a sudden it got quiet and I kept... more
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