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Cognitive Process Theory of Writing
Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:29

Writing is such a complex process and after reading the articles and listening to the lecture, I have a better understanding of the process. I do not consider myself a writer, and I have thought of writing as a gift that some have and some need to develop. I am currently taking Dr. Frye's writing class which is helping me with my own writing, as well as, helping me with my student's writing. Generating ideas and organizing is a difficult task for most younger children. I am learning from the writing class how to do this with my second graders through mentor texts and using their long term memory to help with topics of interest. As the articles suggests, modeling writing for students is a great way to help students see the thought process of writing. I am modeling writing with my second graders which is difficult for me, but hopefully with experience, will get easier. One of the hardest tasks for me is helping students with reviewing and revising their writing. Deciding how to help them develop the story, organize, and mechanics is challenging because I don't want to change their story or make them feel like they are a poor writer.

  • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - byrdaw, Wed Sep 9 19:38
    As I am being instructed on writing instruction in Dr. Frye's writing class and reading this article, modeling stands out as a key method to assist children in the development of writing. As a young... more
    • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - Regina, Sat Sep 12 10:29
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