Re:Cog. process and writing
Sat Sep 12, 2015 17:03

I launched mine on Wednesday, and I feel the same way! Having that experience from last year helped me to understand the article much better. Also, reading the article helped me to remember much of what we learned last year. It's nice to see the "connectedness" of our courses, and to see how some of the content of our courses overlap.

  • Re:Cog. process and writing - joanne abrams, Fri Sep 11 18:42
    Brittany, I just began "The Launch" yesterday and really feel like I have a sense of direction now. Prior to our writing coursework, I always felt like I was floundering and wondering if I was... more
    • Re:Cog. process and writing - brittanyavery, Sat Sep 12 17:03
      • Re: Cog. Process - joanne abrams, Sun Sep 13 11:18
        So true...I agree Brittany. It's helped us to form a familiar path to an end goal!
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