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Nonsense Words
Sat Sep 12, 2015 21:31

Shannon, as I read your question about children who are already reading for meaning, and how they can sometimes have a difficult time with NWF drills, I was reminded of my own daughter when she was in first grade. I wasn't teaching at that time and I remember seeing that she had performed very well on all aspects of her TRC and Dibels mClass assessments, except the NWF piece. I didn't really know exactly what that meant at the time, so I questioned exactly what that acronym stood for and what the expectations were. I remember thinking as a parent that the nonsense word assessment just didn't make sense. It didn't make sense to my daughter who was already reading for meaning, so she performed poorly on that portion of the assessment. I felt like those results were very misleading and an inaccurate account of what my child's true reading ability was. Obviously she knew her letter sounds or she wouldn't have been able to read the text that she was reading. I am sure that there have been many other parents who have received those mClass reports and they have thought the same thing about the reliability of NWF and the measure of true ability.

  • Re: Nonsense Words - shannonsilver, Mon Sep 7 16:33
    Question.....Do you all see that students that are learning to find meaning in reading independently have a harder time with NMF tasks because their brains are trying to find meaning in everything... more
    • Re: Nonsense Words - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 11:23
      I have had many of my high readers struggle with NWF. When I talk with parents, teachers or principal I have always stated my opinion that I do not look at their NWF. Just like in the lecture Dr.... more
    • Nonsense Words - walshjm2, Sat Sep 12 21:31
    • Nonsense words - Regina, Wed Sep 9 21:39
      Shannon, I teach second grade and I have experienced many students that are on grade level or above do poorly on the nonsense words. I feel the same as you... that they are trying to find meaning in... more
      • Nonsense Words - walshjm2, Sat Sep 12 21:14
        One point that I pulled from Dr. Koppenhaver's lecture was that nonsense words should not be used in Special Education. As a Special Education teacher, this really makes logical sense to me, because... more
    • NWF - joanne abrams, Tue Sep 8 19:49
      Hey Shannon, I was thinikng about your question and this is what I notice with assessing NWF. I do not notice my students struggling with NWF but rather the reverse, but in a sort of problamatic way... more
      • NWF - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 23:17
        The reason I asked was that once students realize that the words they are reading are to mean something to them it seems like it would be hard to make them read nonsense words because they are moving ... more
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