Concept of Word
Sat Sep 12, 2015 22:01

Joanne, I like your idea about using a cardboard strip to aid in gaining a concept-of-word. This seems like it could be a good option for teaching concept of word to children who are struggling with knowing exactly what a "word" is and may be helpful to kinesthetic learners. I have used a similar tool with Lifeskills EC children that were struggling with keeping their position within a line and on the page. The cardboard strip tool also isolates the word that is being read at that time, therefore the focus can be on the word and not spread about causing an un-focus in a child with attention difficulties. I also like your idea of asking the beginning and ending sounds as she looks at the words.

  • Concept of word - joanne abrams, Thu Sep 10 17:11
    One idea may be to use a cardboard strip half the size of a ruler and cut out a small window big enough for a word to fit in it. As she slides it along the sentence, she will notice the white spaces... more
    • Concept of Word - walshjm2, Sat Sep 12 22:01
      • Concept of word - joanne abrams, Sun Sep 13 11:25
        It has been a useful tool for my students...I believe that some Teacher Stores carry a better than home-made version of the cardboard strip that has a colored piece of cellophane in the window. But... more
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