Re: 1st grade silent reading
Sun Sep 13, 2015 13:58

I usually listen to my daughter read her homework and the other night I told her to go ahead and start reading. While I was listening, I was in another room. All of a sudden it got quiet and I kept listening to see if she would pick up and start again. I waited a few minutes and walked to where she was. I asked her why she stopped reading and she said "I didn't mom, I just figured out how to do it in my head." I allowed her to finish reading and then asked comprehension questions. Surprisingly, she had understood what she was reading. She is in second grade.

I have found over the course of time that there have been a few that I taught that were poor readers aloud but were actually better silent readers because they did not have peers listening to them. I actually had reading group with one boy individually because he was a nervous wreck that his peers would laugh at him, but when we read together just the two of us, he read perfectly. i know that is unusual but it was what worked for him.

  • 1st grade silent reading - koppenhaverd, Fri Sep 11 10:05
    Kids find it difficult to read silently until they can read a first grade level text with good understanding. So, you can encourage silent reading in your strugglers in primer or preprimer kinds of... more
    • Re: 1st grade silent reading - Candi , Sun Sep 13 16:08
      So if I have students reading and comprehending text in first grade, should I encourage silent reading more?
    • Re: 1st grade silent reading - Amanda , Sun Sep 13 13:58
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