Re: Concept of word
Mon Sep 14, 2015 18:42

As an EC teacher, I love the idea of this practice. I model this as I read aloud to my middle schoolers and ask that they do the same. I also have my students tracking as other students read aloud as well.This practice increases vocabulary development and encourages engagement of the text as others read aloud.

  • Re: Concept of word - brittanyavery, Fri Sep 11 07:43
    I know this may sound very obvious, but simply modeling and practicing (over and over) finger tracking/ pointing helped a student who I had last year who was also EC and had the same difficulty... more
    • Re: Concept of Word - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 15 22:18
      The finger pointing is also beneficial to the younger children. As teachers read books to the pre-school children, it is helpful to point to the words as they are read. A lot of times, even though... more
    • Re: Concept of word - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:42
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