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Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing
Mon Sep 14, 2015 21:35

Oh, ok. That sounds like something that would be good to work into writing workshop. That would be a good option to allow students to explore, and to even use for creating "All About Books" like we did in our informational writing units.

  • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - Melanie McLeod, Sun Sep 6 09:19
    I agree with the Cognitive Process Theory of Writing. Before I took our ASU Writing course with Dr. Frye, I always saw the writing process as the traditional, linear process (Pre-Writing, Rough... more
    • Traditional linear process - HaleyFerrell, Fri Sep 18 10:48
      I agree with you Melanie because I too was taught the linear process. I never thought that writing a paper was fun because I always had a framework to go buy and I couldn't write how I truly wanted... more
      • Linear Model Intimidation - Melanie McLeod, Sat Sep 19 19:08
        Haley: I think the Cognitive Model of Writing is much more 'forgiving' for students. With the linear model, it's pretty-much a one-time deal; you really don't feel like you can revise/edit as you... more
    • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - brittanyavery, Mon Sep 14 21:35
    • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - byrdaw, Thu Sep 10 05:11
      I completely agree with you when you speak of the importance of assistance students if their writing loses focus. The" goal setting" aspect spoken by the author assists students in staying on topic.... more
      • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 13 23:19
        Thank you for sharing this list of great resources. I appreciate having this list of online tools for differentiation of students.
    • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 22:47
      I use to think that teaching writing was so difficult because it under the constructs of how we were encouraged to teach writing (explicitly) that either some students were born with a gift of... more
      • Writing Confidence - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 10 17:42
        I feel much more confident modeling the writing process for my students. I was always hesitant to model in from of them because I have always felt that I 'was not a writer.' However, I think teacher... more
        • Re: Writing Confidence - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 11:16
          I realized last semester during our writing course that I must show confidence in myself if I expect that from my students. I approached this with my students that I was going to work on being more... more
          • Writing Conferences - Melanie McLeod, Wed Sep 23 19:09
            Hey, Candi: Conferencing is difficult for me because I only have approximately 30-min for Writing Workshop. Maybe choose two students per session to conference with after you have modeled your... more
        • Re: Writing Confidence - Amanda, Sun Sep 13 14:06
          I remember the fourth grade writing test. We had prepared forEVER for the test. We had practiced all year long. We had all our pencils sharpened and we were ready to go. Then we got the prompt "Write ... more
      • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - byrdaw, Thu Sep 10 05:27
        As I was reading your reply, I wondered why the idea of modeling never occurred in the writing lessons I learned as a young student. Teachers modeled how to solve mathematical questions, conduct a... more
        • Smaller group sizes - shannonsilver, Thu Sep 10 16:19
          Yes for students that have attention issues and working memory issues. The reason I say this is because easily distractible students have a hard time focusing in a small group to complete a task... more
          • Re: Smaller group sizes - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:26
            She would conference with one student and the others would either be writing a piece of text or sharing their writings aloud with another student. The students had a sheet that they would use to... more
    • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - brittanyavery, Mon Sep 7 13:38
      How does Story Creator work? Is it something I could use with 3rd grade or is it more for primary grades?
      • Book Creator - Melanie McLeod, Mon Sep 7 18:13
        Brittany, Let me clarify: It's Book Creator and the technology dept. was supposed to purchase for the teachers who attended the Digital Storytelling technology training at the beginning of school (I... more
        • Resource - megangouge, Wed Sep 9 16:55
          I guess that was a good incentive to get us to attend the workshops this summer however, if this is something worthwhile to assist in writing the county should look into others that would use it!
          • Book Creator - Melanie McLeod, Wed Sep 9 17:25
            Hi, Megan: We were not informed that they were getting us the app until after we had attended the training. Any app to facilitate writing would be a nice investment for our district to purchase for... more
        • Re: Book Creator - Anonymous, Wed Sep 9 07:38
          Oh, ok. That sounds like something that would be good to work into writing workshop. That would be a good option to allow students to explore, and to even use for creating "All About Books" like we... more
          • Re: Book Creator - Anonymous, Wed Sep 9 07:48
            Oops! Sorry that was Brittany. My iPad didn't prompt me to login!
    • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 7 13:26
      I agree with what you're saying about the hierarchical process being more realistic. As students most of us were taught in a linear, traditional process for how to write.. as well as becoming... more
      • Prompt Writing - Melanie McLeod, Tue Sep 8 18:23
        Joanne: Before taking our writing class, I would have felt like letting the children write about what they want would be so confusing for them and stressful for me as their teacher. I have grown up... more
        • Promt Writing - walshjm2, Sun Sep 20 20:58
          Melanie, I am just beginning to take the writing class that is being offered to the Cohort classes. I have learned so much in the short time since beginning though. I too am a product of prompt... more
        • Prompt Writing - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 23:02
          I feel that prompt writing boxes students in and creates anxiety about writing. We want students to be so well rounded so that they can write about any topic the teacher puts up. But the reality is... more
          • Re: Prompt Writing - haleyferrell, Fri Sep 18 12:41
            Shannon, I too feel the same with prompt writing. I always felt that I was boxed in and could not express myself because I was afraid it was not what the teacher wanted. My EC students in upper... more
        • Cog. Process & writing - joanne abrams, Tue Sep 8 20:24
          Melanie, I agree! We are from a generation that endorsed that process of writing. It's amazing to think that people actually went on to become professional writers after such rigid or linear... more
          • Re: Cog. Process & writing - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:20
            I completely agree with you on the process of writing. As I began the writing instruction with my students, I think of how excited my students were today. We had a writing party where we discussed... more
            • Re: Cog. Process & writing - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 14 21:46
              I feel that teaching writing is kind of like walking a fine line. As teachers we all want to remain true to our purpose and goals of teaching writing, yet we also want kids to feel "safe" to express... more
          • Re: Cog. Process & writing - brittanyavery, Fri Sep 11 07:51
            Joanne I'm also excited to teach writing this year! Reading the article made me think of how teaching writing now has to be so much funner than it was when students were forced to follow the linear... more
            • Re:Cog. process and writing - joanne abrams, Fri Sep 11 18:42
              Brittany, I just began "The Launch" yesterday and really feel like I have a sense of direction now. Prior to our writing coursework, I always felt like I was floundering and wondering if I was... more
              • Re:Cog. process and writing - brittanyavery, Sat Sep 12 17:03
                I launched mine on Wednesday, and I feel the same way! Having that experience from last year helped me to understand the article much better. Also, reading the article helped me to remember much of... more
                • Re: Cog. Process - joanne abrams, Sun Sep 13 11:18
                  So true...I agree Brittany. It's helped us to form a familiar path to an end goal!
          • LOL - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 23:09
            I was thinking the same thing. It's a wonder how anybody ended up a writer the way we were taught to write in school. I remember that I hated writing because something was always wrong with it. It... more
            • Ditto! - megangouge, Wed Sep 9 16:50
              I had a similar experience in school! I hated writing because I can remember the 4th grade writing test and practicing for that. I did well when we did the practice ones that the teacher graded but... more
            • Re: LOL - joanne abrams, Wed Sep 9 08:57
              Yes, made it out alive is right Shannon!!...there is so much I look back on now mainly from my middle school grades on up and wonder why we were taught that way, but I guess that's what education is... more
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