joanne abrams
Re: Cog. Process & writing
Mon Sep 14, 2015 21:46

I feel that teaching writing is kind of like walking a fine line. As teachers we all want to remain true to our purpose and goals of teaching writing, yet we also want kids to feel "safe" to express themselves and make mistakes without getting soured about the whole writing process. So I think that's important for all teachers.
Some of the best lessons from what I learned last year with Dr. Frye...I'd have to say was persuasive writing. I never would have believed it...for Kinders to latch onto this concept, but with the right Mentor Texts like Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus, and I Wanna Iguana it wasn't a hard sell at all! They jumped on board and wrote all sorts of reasons to our principal about planting trees at our school, and to Farmer Brown in Click Clack Moo about why or why not they felt the cows deserved blankets. It was fun and funny! I'd like to know more about teaching writing in the upper grades, what motivates middle schoolers to want to write?

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    I completely agree with you on the process of writing. As I began the writing instruction with my students, I think of how excited my students were today. We had a writing party where we discussed... more
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