Martha Brown
Tue Sep 15, 2015 22:24

Please tell me about the LEA stories and how this works. Also what is the correct way to hold the LEA journal. This is something I am not familiar with and would appreciate knowing more about.

  • Model - megangouge, Mon Sep 14 19:04
    This is my eighth year of teaching. My first three years were in a K/1 combo class, which looking back I loved and miss. The next 4 were in a straight first. This year is my first year being able to... more
    • Model - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 15 22:24
      • LEA - megangouge, Wed Sep 16 07:44
        LEA is language experience approach or language experience strategy. This is where you create a story as a class or group based upon an experience. The students help to write the story on a topic or... more
        • Re: LEA - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 10:43
          This post reminded me to create a LEA with my class. After our field trip to the fair, we wrote one whole group. It is amazing how much you can integrate with this approach. I also added the writing... more
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