Wed Sep 16, 2015 07:44

LEA is language experience approach or language experience strategy. This is where you create a story as a class or group based upon an experience. The students help to write the story on a topic or common experice that the teacher has chosen, the teacher then records the studentís narration. After is it written, the class or group read the story written. With this approach they are able to see that spoken words are written.

  • Model - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 15 22:24
    Please tell me about the LEA stories and how this works. Also what is the correct way to hold the LEA journal. This is something I am not familiar with and would appreciate knowing more about.
    • LEA - megangouge, Wed Sep 16 07:44
      • Re: LEA - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 10:43
        This post reminded me to create a LEA with my class. After our field trip to the fair, we wrote one whole group. It is amazing how much you can integrate with this approach. I also added the writing... more
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