Re: Beginning Reading Model
Sat Sep 19, 2015 15:31 (XFF:

After learning about the quantity of vocabulary knowledge that students who are read to in comparison to those who are not read to or not read to daily have at the beginning of kindergarten, it astounds me that I have to remind parents about the importance of reading to their children. Middle school students benefit from being read to like younger children. It also allows the children to spend time with their parents. I will never forget a friend of mine who came to me quite angry about a teacher asking her to have her learning disabled child read on the weekends. She stated that this was her "time off." This was from a parent with a business degree. This conversation taught me that we need to be sharing the importance of reading to all parents.

  • Beginning Reading Model - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 13 23:02
    Some situations I have worked with in past years have really opened my eyes to attitudes from home in regard to reading. I heard one parent voice that teaching her child to read was the... more
    • Re: Beginning Reading Model - byrdaw, Sat Sep 19 15:31
      • Beginning Reading Model - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 20 23:39
        It is so important that we encourage all parents to spend time reading to their children. If they can only realize the impact this can have for their child and their future education it makes such a... more
      • Re:Beg Rdg. Model - abramsjm, Sun Sep 20 11:23
        I found your comment about daily reading very interesting Adel, and so very true! My son was diagnosed with a reading disability in 2nd grade, but I have always tried to continue reading with and to... more
    • Re: Beginning Reading Model - Amanda, Sun Sep 13 23:13
      I agree and it is so sad. It makes me really understand why we need to send homework that is on the child's independent level. With not only English language learn ears but with English only learners ... more
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