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Melanie McLeod
Linear Model Intimidation
Sat Sep 19, 2015 19:08 (XFF:

I think the Cognitive Model of Writing is much more 'forgiving' for students. With the linear model, it's pretty-much a one-time deal; you really don't feel like you can revise/edit as you write. The traditional linear model has always intimidated my writing process. With the Cognitive Model, I do not feel as intimidated because I know that I can revise as I write. It has helped me to realize that writing it just a process that can be modeled/remodeled as I write; not every piece will go to publication, and not all pieces need to go through the entire process of writing.

  • Traditional linear process - HaleyFerrell, Fri Sep 18 10:48
    I agree with you Melanie because I too was taught the linear process. I never thought that writing a paper was fun because I always had a framework to go buy and I couldn't write how I truly wanted... more
    • Linear Model Intimidation - Melanie McLeod, Sat Sep 19 19:08
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