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Martha Brown
Graphic Organizers
Sun Sep 20, 2015 23:19

I have never tried graphic organizers with pre-school children, but after reading the material and some of the ideas you all have shared, I look forward to the opportunity to try this. Using story maps for sequencing and comprehension sound like a great approach for the younger learners and could even be done with pictures at first. This would offer the visual representation and help them in the sequencing and comprehension of a given theme, idea or after reading a book.

  • G.O. - abramsjm, Sat Sep 19 09:38
    Hi Melanie and Amanda, I have not tried the Popplet App but I appreciate the information and will plan on getting familiar with it soon. I like your Tree Map idea for your first grade students and... more
    • Graphic Organizers - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 20 23:19
      • Re: Graphic Organizers - brittanyavery, Tue Sep 22 20:29
        Martha, something you might consider doing with pre-school is making a Venn diagram with hula hoops. I did this last year with my first graders. I had them write things on sticky notes and put the... more
        • G.O. - joanneabrams, Wed Sep 23 20:17
          I love the hoola hoop idea...what a great idea for K-1 learners. This strategy is so concrete and explicit. I am excited to try this with my students. I guess you could use mini-rings as well, they... more
      • Re:G.O. - joanneabrams, Mon Sep 21 20:05
        Yes, I agree Martha, drawing first is the initial step to showing comprehension of a story and sequencing is the way to do it. I usually have a three block frame on top and lines underneath so they... more
        • Re:G.O. - Martha Brown, Wed Sep 23 21:35
          Thank you for this idea. It is really beneficial for the pre-school children to understand the beginning, middle, and end of stories with recall. This will help them with comprehension and... more
    • RAN Chart & Sequencing - Melanie McLeod, Sat Sep 19 10:56
      Joanne: I have always used KWL charts for nonfiction literature, as well. However, I am using the R.A.N. chart (Reading Analysis of Nonfiction) that Dr. Greene shared with us during her literature... more
      • Re: RAN & Seq. - abramsjm, Sat Sep 19 15:15
        Thank you for that great information. I will try some of these ideas. The Popplet App sounds particularly interesting so I'll let you know how it goes! I know from my own experiences as a learner... more
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