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Mon Sep 21, 2015 20:05 (XFF:

Yes, I agree Martha, drawing first is the initial step to showing comprehension of a story and sequencing is the way to do it. I usually have a three block frame on top and lines underneath so they can draw beginning, middle and end events. Those who are able, can write or attempt to write something. By mid year, many are writing enough that I can usually get their message.

  • Graphic Organizers - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 20 23:19
    I have never tried graphic organizers with pre-school children, but after reading the material and some of the ideas you all have shared, I look forward to the opportunity to try this. Using story... more
    • Re: Graphic Organizers - brittanyavery, Tue Sep 22 20:29
      Martha, something you might consider doing with pre-school is making a Venn diagram with hula hoops. I did this last year with my first graders. I had them write things on sticky notes and put the... more
      • G.O. - joanneabrams, Wed Sep 23 20:17
        I love the hoola hoop idea...what a great idea for K-1 learners. This strategy is so concrete and explicit. I am excited to try this with my students. I guess you could use mini-rings as well, they... more
    • Re:G.O. - joanneabrams, Mon Sep 21 20:05
      • Re:G.O. - Martha Brown, Wed Sep 23 21:35
        Thank you for this idea. It is really beneficial for the pre-school children to understand the beginning, middle, and end of stories with recall. This will help them with comprehension and... more
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