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Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing
Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:09

I agree with you and can relate to A cognitive Process with my first graders. Writing involves a mental process starting with generating ideas. This may come easy to some kids, but not to many young students. We have to help them with this process. I learned how important it is to help students learn to think and come up with ideas. Sometimes, as teachers we have to dig deep to find a child's interest to get their attention and engage them in writing. Starting with storytelling and modeling this changed my wiring last year. I had no idea that I needed to model how to think of a topic and tell a story. My students this year are already excited and enjoy writing. They are telling their stories and getting them on paper. Within 5 weeks my students have built stamina and I no longer hear, "I don't know what to write." or "I don't have anything to write about." I strongly believe now, that writing is not linear. I wish I would have understood this concept when I was in school.

  • Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 7 14:46
    As I was reading the article Cognitive Process Theory of Writing I couldn't help but to think back on our two writing courses we took last year. I feel the most valuable piece that I learned was that ... more
    • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 11:09
      • Re: Cog. Process - joanneabrams, Wed Sep 23 19:59
        Well i guess the good news is now we know! Going forward we won't waste another minute on teaching writing in a linear mode. Instead we have a new direction that is tried and true, as we have all... more
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      • Re:Cog.Theory of Writing - joanne abrams, Thu Sep 10 17:20
        Martha I agree! Writing is the glue that makes it all stick! I never would have been so bold to try what I tried last year had it not been for those writing courses. I'm glad I learned to just take... more
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