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Wed Sep 23, 2015 20:17 (XFF:

I love the hoola hoop idea...what a great idea for K-1 learners. This strategy is so concrete and explicit. I am excited to try this with my students. I guess you could use mini-rings as well, they would be less cumbersome but serve the same hands-on purpose. I like to use pictures in the Venns the first part of the year, as most of them are not reading well enough for me to use words...then I slowly begin to add words.

  • Re: Graphic Organizers - brittanyavery, Tue Sep 22 20:29
    Martha, something you might consider doing with pre-school is making a Venn diagram with hula hoops. I did this last year with my first graders. I had them write things on sticky notes and put the... more
    • G.O. - joanneabrams, Wed Sep 23 20:17
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