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Melanie McLeod
EC & GOs
Thu Sep 24, 2015 06:26 (XFF:

Hi, Haley:

I agree. I feel that GOs help all students organize their thoughts. Especially for you EC students, organizing information visually will help them make connections and give a 'pattern' to their learning and thinking.

  • I want to do this!!! - haleyferrell, Mon Sep 21 20:37
    After reading your post I love what you are doing with your EC group. I would love to do this with a group of my EC students but I am cautious due to the amount of time I work with them. The virtual... more
    • Thinking Maps - megangouge, Thu Sep 24 14:10
      I am on the same boat as you Haley, I was not teaching when Thinking Maps were adopted but I remember seeing them at the old school on the walls of the teachers that were trained. I would like to... more
      • Thinking Maps - shannonsilver, Sat Sep 26 10:05
        In my professional opinion, the best way to teach students to use TMs is to totally immerse them in to using them for everything. For instance, I used them for an attendance system in the morning.... more
        • Ideas - megangouge, Sun Sep 27 12:19
          Great ideas Shannon! Thanks! I haven't ever thought of having their morning or afternoon routines shown in a graphic organizer! Many times I also give them steps on the board to finish work but... more
    • Re: I want to do this!!! - shannonsilver, Thu Sep 24 08:16
      What was the book? You have to teach them how to talk about the book. Discussion Director helps move the discussion along asking higher level questions that the students have to answer.
      • Book - haleyferrell, Thu Sep 24 09:24
        The book that I was using last year was Mouse and the Motorcycle with my 5th grade group. I'm thinking about starting a novel and literature group with my 5th grade students this spring however I... more
        • Great Idea - shannonsilver, Thu Sep 24 09:46
          I think that would be great for the group of 5th graders you have this year. I have book sets if you are interested.
    • EC & GOs - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 24 06:26
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