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Re: Venn Diagrams/Tree Maps
Thu Sep 24, 2015 16:14 (XFF:

This is the first year I've used the Common Core Curriculum Maps, and we have been using Venn diagrams as well. This week we've been to comparing two different grandpas from two different stories ("Song and Dance Man" and "Grandpa's Face"). We used the GO to not only compare and contrast the the characters, but we also used it to help plan out a paragraph that describes how the two men and the same and different. I'm now thinking about extended the lesson by using a "triple" Venn diagram (I don't know what it's actually called) with three circles to compare the two characters to students' grandpa's (or dad, uncle, etc.)

  • Venn Diagrams/Tree Maps - Amanda Grindstaff, Fri Sep 18 03:37
    Melanie and Joanne, I use Venn Diagrams every year in multiple situations. We are beginning the Common Core Unit Tell a Story 1,2,3. In this unit we compare versions of stories such as the three... more
    • Re: Venn Diagrams/Tree Maps - brittanyavery, Thu Sep 24 16:14
    • Venn Diagrams and Tree Maps - Regina, Mon Sep 21 20:28
      Ladies, I have the Popplet App on my student's iPad, but I have never used it. After reading your posts, I need to try it out and let my students explore the app. I also use many graphic organizers... more
      • Re: Venn Diagrams and Tree Maps - amanda grindstaff, Sun Sep 27 13:48
        You might try webspiration or too. I tried both those with this assignment and they are fairly simple to use.
        • Graphic organizers - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 27 23:32
          I liked the Webspiration as well. The creately looked like it would also be user friendly, however I did not use it for the assignment.
        • Venn Diagrams and Tree Maps (nm) - Regina, Sun Sep 27 20:32
          • Venn Diagrams and Tree Maps - Regina, Sun Sep 27 20:39
            Amanda, thank you for those suggestions! I have checked out both and I really like the I would have used it on the graphic organizer project.
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