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Re: 4-Square GO-Writing
Thu Sep 24, 2015 22:25 (XFF:

Thanks for the suggestion. I've never used the 4-square GO, but it looks like another good option for students to use. When you used it, were the squares labeled (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., first, next, then, last, or who, what when, where)?

  • 4-Square GO-Writing - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 24 17:51
    Hi, Brittany: I know you are teaching 3rd grade now, and when I taught 3rd grade we used the 4-square writing graphic organizer to organize their writing sequence. I enjoyed using this GO for... more
    • Re: 4-Square GO-Writing - brittanyavery, Thu Sep 24 22:25
      • 4-Square Writing Books - Melanie McLeod, Fri Sep 25 06:26
        Brittany: There were places where the student or the teacher could write those sequence words. You can buy the book for primary and elementary grades titled: "Four Square Writing." There are a couple ... more
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