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Circle Map
Sat Sep 26, 2015 09:49 (XFF:

That's a circle map and It is so versatile. You can use it for anything. I'm glad you saw it's usefulness. You could also use a tree map once the students have there small moment chosen and then they could elaborate on the specifics of the small moment. I've used this before when we had the 4th Grade State Writing Test.

  • Re: Cognitive Process Theory of Writing - brittanyavery, Fri Sep 25 20:23
    I recently used a (new to me) GO to teach a lesson on writing small moment stories. I don't know the actual name of the GO that I used, but it had a large circle with a small circle inside of it. I... more
    • Circle Map - megangouge, Sun Sep 27 12:42
      I love this idea of using circle maps for a small moment story! Small moments are such a hard thing for many students to grasp! I have used circle maps in the past with a number in the middle to show ... more
    • Circle Map - shannonsilver, Sat Sep 26 09:49
      • Circle Map - Regina, Sun Sep 27 13:14
        I've used circle maps and tree maps for many things, but using one for a small moment lesson is a great idea. I am currently taking the writing class and working on my Narrative unit so those ideas... more
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