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Re: Graphic organizers
Sat Sep 26, 2015 15:30 (XFF:

Sometimes I use paper and pencil for GO's, but I try to save paper so I try to use the iPads as much as I can. I have reading a-z and sometimes use their books for guided reading so I will create a pdf file for the worksheets and save them to my website and have the students open it on their iPad. There may be an easier way to do something like this, but it works.

  • Re: Graphic organizers - brittanyavery, Tue Sep 22 16:38
    I think it's great how you pointed out the fact that GOs can be used in basically any grade. You're using them in first grade, and we're using them in a grad course. This shows that GOs are a very... more
    • Re: Graphic organizers - Martha Brown, Sat Sep 26 22:16
      I have learned so much from you all about how versatile the graphic organizers can be. Also the practice of using graphic organizers from the pre-school years through a graduate course for... more
    • Re: Graphic organizers - candithompson, Sat Sep 26 15:30
      • Re: Graphic organizers - brittanyavery, Sat Sep 26 22:28
        I've now started thinking about how to use GOs with the Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DRTA) in my guided reading groups after reading in our textbook for Ali's class, Diagnosis and Correction... more
        • DRTA - megangouge, Sun Sep 27 12:39
          We have struggled over the past three weeks with the copier/printer not working and it is our only one in the building! Using the GO apps would have been a great solution to many teacher's no... more
    • 4-Square GO-Writing - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 24 17:51
      Hi, Brittany: I know you are teaching 3rd grade now, and when I taught 3rd grade we used the 4-square writing graphic organizer to organize their writing sequence. I enjoyed using this GO for... more
      • Re: 4-Square GO-Writing - brittanyavery, Thu Sep 24 22:25
        Thanks for the suggestion. I've never used the 4-square GO, but it looks like another good option for students to use. When you used it, were the squares labeled (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., first, next,... more
        • 4-Square Writing Books - Melanie McLeod, Fri Sep 25 06:26
          Brittany: There were places where the student or the teacher could write those sequence words. You can buy the book for primary and elementary grades titled: "Four Square Writing." There are a couple ... more
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