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Bubble Maps, etc.
Sun Sep 27, 2015 13:53 (XFF:

Brittany, I enjoyed reading about the success that your student with ADHD had using a Bubble Map GO. It got my thoughts rolling on how effective GO in general can be for children with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit struggles. The evidence in the articles we read for module #3 is significant for the benefits of GO for these children specifically. When the child is able to break down the ideas into smaller categories and focus is improved on the idea in that bubble etc. then the child can strategically think through their ideas and then expand on them accordingly without getting sidetracked or off topic. If they do get off topic then that can be placed in another section of the organizer and expanded upon as well, though. It makes sense that as the ideas arise they have a specific place to go within the organizer. This will lead to more organized thoughts and natural progressions in their writing.

  • Bubble Maps - brittanyavery, Mon Sep 21 21:23
    I've recently introduced basic bubble maps to my students in writing workshop. I required all students to use them in planning their narrative the day I did the mini lesson on them. Since then using... more
    • Bubble Maps, etc. - walshjm2, Sun Sep 27 13:53
    • Re: Bubble Maps - candithompson, Sat Sep 26 15:35
      That is awesome she has found something to really help her. This is has made me think about how this might help some of my kids.
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