Daily Fix -Its
Wed Oct 7, 2015 21:26

Hello Melanie,
That is what we did with Daily Oral Language. I agree teachers have limited time as it is, so choosing the most effective way to teach a concept is key. I saw at a school in the county, that a teacher teaches her 1st grade students about nouns, verbs, punctuation, beginning and ending of a sentence and something else I can't remember. Anyways, I think that it is a great idea, already warming these young writers up to basic parts of speech. I'll ask her how she incorporates her grammar instruction. Going back to the Fix-Its, I think that when kids hear or read bad grammar they pick up on it more than when it is taught explicitly. I used to make a big deal about it how the sentence would sound if it was read. Especially if it was a sentence with poor word placement or choice.

  • Daily Fix-Its - Melanie McLeod, Wed Oct 7 15:27
    Hi, Shannon: We have very limited time for grammar instruction within my daily schedule. However, I would have time for a 'Fix-It' grammar correction practice with 2 sentences (which go along with my ... more
    • Daily Fix -Its - shannonsilver, Wed Oct 7 21:26
      • Sentence Fix Its - megangouge, Mon Oct 12 09:06
        When I did my student teaching, we used to do the DOL and I felt it was very beneficial for such a short quick lesson. With first grade I used to use the Letterland sentences that are on the spelling ... more
        • DOL - shannonsilver, Mon Oct 12 20:59
          They sure do like to point out your mistakes. Makes it fun and it puts everybody on an even playing field. Did you teach grammar during their writing time as well or did you find it difficult to fit... more
          • Grammar - megangouge, Tue Oct 13 10:27
            During this time I was not focusing much on grammar. I taught grammar separately and did have a hard time fitting it into the schedule!! There isn't enough time during the day to fit everything in!
      • Fix-Its - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 8 06:02
        I agree, Shannon. Students need to hear how a correct sentence sounds so that he/she can produce an effective sentence of their own. I think working with a Daily Fix-It sentence correction would help ... more
        • Re: Fix-Its - candithompson, Sun Oct 11 16:16
          My students correct a sentence every day on their morning work. It is not a lot, but I see them starting to pay attention to sentence structure. I also give mini-lessons with nouns, verbs, proper... more
          • Sentence Correction - Melanie McLeod, Sun Oct 11 17:11
            Candy: Thank you for replying. I'm going to try the sentence correction and see how my students respond.
    • Daily Fix it - haleyferrell, Wed Oct 7 15:34
      Melanie, When I was working in 5th grade during a maternity leave the teacher had a daily Fix It for grammar. I feel that it was beneficial because the students, over time, were able to complete this ... more
      • May Try It - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 8 05:59
        Thanks, Haley. I may try to fit it in during my morning Welcome Work to see how it goes. At least I would be getting in some basic sentence/grammar structure skills in within my busy day.
        • Worth a try - haleyferrell, Thu Oct 8 09:25
          It is worth a try. If it is too much for your students cut it down to one sentence and start with just one grammar error or one punctuation error. Then, as time goes by start adding more.
      • Re: Daily Fix it - brittanyavery, Wed Oct 7 20:35
        Haley, Do you think this helped them in a way that they were actually able to transfer what they learned in their writing?
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