Re: Not during writers wkshp
Thu Oct 8, 2015 20:08

Hi Melanie,
I think teaching writing at any grade level is truly challenging, with that said however, K-1 teachers are teaching writing on such a wide spectrum...from learning how to grip a pencil correctly, all the way to punctuation and grammar and everything else in between. Therefore, I am feeling relieved to read an article that supports focusing more on process writing. So let's remember that next time we start stressing over grammar etc. :0)

  • Not During Writing Workshop - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 8 06:07
    Hi, Joanne: I agree with your thoughts and the articles, as well. I do not want to spend any of my valuable process writing time working on basic grammar skills. I already have a very limited amount... more
    • Re: Not during writers wkshp - joanneabrams, Thu Oct 8 20:08
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