Melanie McLeod
Persuasive Writing
Thu Oct 8, 2015 20:48


We worked on a similar persuasive letter to our cafeteria at FTES last school year. Our first graders wanted to persuade all the first grade teachers to let them buy ice cream each Friday during the last month of school because only 2nd grade-up buy ice cream. They enjoyed being able to persuade us to let them practice buying ice cream before they advanced to 2nd grade this school year. It makes a huge difference in their confidence when others, especially adults, are persuaded by their rational thoughts and opinions. It was a powerful unit.

  • Meaningful writing - haleyferrell, Wed Oct 7 15:31
    I agree with you Shannon that writing needs to be meaningful to the students. Like you, I too had a group of students in first grade that wrote a persuasive paper to the cafeteria. It was during... more
    • Meaningful writing/Best Practices - Martha Brown, Thu Oct 8 23:37
      Thank you for sharing this example. It was great that the students were able to see immediate results of their persuasive writing. This is something that they will remember and provided a valuable... more
    • Persuasive Writing - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 8 20:48
      • Persuasive Writing - Martha Brown, Fri Oct 9 22:20
        This was such a great experience for your students. It gives them such a strong foundation to write about other topics. The confidence they gain of being able to express their thoughts and opinions... more
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