Martha Brown
Meaningful writing/Best Practices
Thu Oct 8, 2015 23:37

Thank you for sharing this example. It was great that the students were able to see immediate results of their persuasive writing. This is something that they will remember and provided a valuable lesson for them.
I thought the Zumbrunn and Krause article was especially helpful in looking at best practices in effective writing. It is so important for teachers to realize how they impact writing through their own attitude and practices. Teachers need to be able to motivate and engage students. I thought your water jug example was a great way to engage and motivate the students in writing. The Thomas Newkirk proposal states this well, "I think a strong writing teacher creates the itch to write." Also Steve Graham highlighted the need for students to see writing as enjoyable and creating nonthreatening environments for this to happen. Another component of clear and deliberate planning allowing for flexibility is a key for writing instruction. Thomas Newkirk proposed the question of "What do you want to happen in your writing class and how to reward those things?" Best practices also include daily writing both inside and outside of the classroom. It is also vital that writing teachers know what their students are capable of in writing and then provide the instruction and scaffolding to help then grow and improve. Teachers can model and demonstrate how valuable and important it is for them to be good writers.

  • Meaningful writing - haleyferrell, Wed Oct 7 15:31
    I agree with you Shannon that writing needs to be meaningful to the students. Like you, I too had a group of students in first grade that wrote a persuasive paper to the cafeteria. It was during... more
    • Meaningful writing/Best Practices - Martha Brown, Thu Oct 8 23:37
    • Persuasive Writing - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 8 20:48
      Haley: We worked on a similar persuasive letter to our cafeteria at FTES last school year. Our first graders wanted to persuade all the first grade teachers to let them buy ice cream each Friday... more
      • Persuasive Writing - Martha Brown, Fri Oct 9 22:20
        This was such a great experience for your students. It gives them such a strong foundation to write about other topics. The confidence they gain of being able to express their thoughts and opinions... more
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