Re: Writing Enjoyment
Sun Oct 11, 2015 06:55

I completely agree with your statements on gaining confidence after receiving instruction. I am currently enrolled in writing course and am developing skills in writing instruction. I believe that our attitudes toward writing reflect on our students. So often, students are unable to develop a love of writing due to lack of instruction and modeling. I have seen an increase in the quality and quantity of writing in my students as I have incorporated writing lessons into my classroom,

  • Writing Enjoyment - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 8 06:13
    Hi, Ms. Martha: I agree with your thoughts about writing instruction. After I have completed our graduate studies Writing Course, I have become enlightened to the fact that much of our students'... more
    • Re: Writing Enjoyment - byrdaw, Sun Oct 11 06:55
      • Writing Attitude - Melanie McLeod, Sun Oct 11 15:32
        You are correct, Adele. Our attitudes shape the way our students feel and perform within any subject-area. I am thankful that I now have the confidence and teaching tools to teach writing in an... more
        • Attitude - megangouge, Sun Oct 11 20:41
          I agree 100% Melanie! I think it is ok for students to see that we might not always be comfortable or have strengths in everything but that we can learn skills and ways of accomplishing things!
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