Re: Writing
Sun Oct 11, 2015 16:00

Yes peer editing is very difficult for first grade!! It is so true that it is the blind leading the blind. First graders struggle trying to figure out where their sentence ends so I don't think it is beneficial for students to learn something wrong, thinking it is correct. I have to say that I am frustrated with technology not working this year. This year has been worse than previous years. I am excited to use the new typing apps. I think it is interesting that our county is 1 to 1 with technolgy, but we do not have technology classes. I loved when we had technology class for students. I was able to work with the teacher to integrate our units of study. Students also had basic technology skills.

  • Writing - megangouge, Fri Oct 9 09:55
    Writing was my least favorite thing to teach until I had Dr.Frye's class because I had no clue where to begin or what exactly to do. After having that class and reading these articles I have felt... more
    • Re: Writing - candithompson, Sun Oct 11 16:00
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