Sun Oct 11, 2015 20:38

I LOVE this idea! The weeks at school that there is a lot going on (like this past one; fire safety and wooly worm) topics should be easy for them to create. However, I can see that things could get monotonous after a while. Maybe they could discuss something they are looking forward to learning or one thing they did nice at school that week, something they need to improve in (setting goals), something they think they are good at...

  • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - candithompson, Sun Oct 11 16:07
    I am starting to send journals home every Friday with students. They write letters to their parents about what they have learned or things they have done though the week. I am encouraging parents to... more
    • Great Idea - shannonsilver, Mon Oct 12 21:06
      What a great idea. Not only will they be excited to being written to but also show how writing can be a useful form of communication.
    • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - amanda grindstaff, Mon Oct 12 16:43
      When I taught second grade we sent a bear and journal home with students and they had to write about what the bear did at their house that night. We then shared it with the rest of the class the next ... more
      • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - candithompson, Tue Oct 13 12:23
        What did you do for your hispanics? I have a start of the week that I just started this week and they will take a puppy home for the weekend. I send a journal, but most of the time the parents write... more
        • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - amanda grindstaff, Tue Oct 13 13:11
          I tried to set up a time that they could go work with an older peer to write in the notebook what they did with the bear or I tried to help them that morning. Its hard to know what to do. That... more
      • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - Martha Brown, Tue Oct 13 11:43
        Sending the bear with the journal is a great idea. This offers so many opportunities for the students to be creative and really brings in the motivation piece. Another possibility is to get... more
      • ELLs - shannonsilver, Mon Oct 12 21:03
        I wonder what Beth or Lara could do to help with this because I think it would be a great chance to share their culture with their classmates even if it was in a different language.
    • Journals - megangouge, Sun Oct 11 20:38
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