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Typing in 6th grade
Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:38

The 6th grade students at CMS would really benefit from this. I wish there was a website that worked on both typing and grammar. Has anybody looked that up? If not, then I will start investigating! I will ask my 5th grade group if to look up on their iPads to see if they can manipulate the keypad with the site. This would be a good "filler" for when my students are transitioning from the general education class to my class.

  • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - byrdaw, Sun Oct 11 06:06
    After the one to one initiative occurred in our county, the teachers identified typing as a need for our students. The students were taking a "keyboarding" class, but the teachers saw a need for... more
    • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 13 22:14
      Using homeroom is a great idea for keyboarding practice. Even though students have these technological tools they can benefit from, they still need to taught how they can MOST benefit from them, and... more
      • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - Martha Brown, Wed Oct 14 12:58
        It was very beneficial to explore and find the different typing practice sites. Some of the best I found were: (for ages 2-7) offers a free month trial... more
    • Sounds Fun - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:56
      I think your research project sounds fun. I, too, wanted the students to try out the different websites to see which one they liked. I can't wait to hear your results. I like the keyboard game and... more
    • Typing in 6th grade - haleyferrell, Mon Oct 12 11:38
      • Grammar - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:43
        There is a google google extension called Ginger and it is a spell and grammar checker for everything you type. It works on websites and applications like WORD. Another extension I have been playing... more
    • Keyboarding Class - Melanie McLeod, Sun Oct 11 15:36
      Adele: Do the 6th graders still have the opportunity to take the actual keyboarding class at CMS? We truly need and enjoy our iPads, but students do not receive successful typing instruction unless... more
      • Re: Keyboarding Class - byrdaw, Mon Oct 12 19:57
        I do not believe they are doing this task this year. I completely agree with your assessment of the need for this skill. it would be beneficial to allot time for typing on the iPad. There are typing... more
        • Keyboarding - Melanie McLeod, Tue Oct 13 17:44
          That's too bad that they are not teaching keyboarding in the middle school this year. It's definitely needed since all students work with typing and technology each day.
          • Re: Keyboarding - candithompson, Wed Oct 14 15:18
            I have heard they have a class in 7th grade for keyboarding and other technology skills. Seems like we should have that much earlier.
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