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Martha Brown
Typing Games
Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:29

It was great to learn that there are so many typing/keyboard games available.
I thought "The Keyboard Game" site was one that would be particularly good to use with the younger students even possibly pre-schoolers. This is a good one to use for the younger ones in matching upper case letters with lower case letters. The practice aspect of the Power Typing is very useful for students. I thought the radio songs to encourage rhymical typing was interesting. Probably a lot of students would enjoy the "Alphabet Rain" game and this would help them with learning beginning keyboard skills.

  • typing games - joanneabrams, Sun Oct 11 21:53
    I liked several of the typing games that I played. My favorite for my students were the Type-A Balloon game and Keyboard Climber. I liked these because they were easy to manipulate and for... more
    • Typing Games - Martha Brown, Tue Oct 13 11:29
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        Keyboarding is such an important skill, yet with so much to cover with Common Core etc. it seems as if it has fallen by the wayside when it comes to instruction. I liked several of the keyboarding... more
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