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amanda grindstaff
Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion
Tue Oct 13, 2015 13:11

I tried to set up a time that they could go work with an older peer to write in the notebook what they did with the bear or I tried to help them that morning. Its hard to know what to do. That particular year I had 3 really on the ball families that spoke and wrote in english and only two that did not, so it wasn't so bad. I couldn't do that this year.

  • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - candithompson, Tue Oct 13 12:23
    What did you do for your hispanics? I have a start of the week that I just started this week and they will take a puppy home for the weekend. I send a journal, but most of the time the parents write... more
    • Re: Writing Instruction in my Opinion - amanda grindstaff, Tue Oct 13 13:11
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