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White Macs and Typing
Tue Oct 13, 2015 20:33

GOOD GREIF..... It has taken numerous man hours to get those macs working and they finally let the students on. I let my 5th graders play a few of the games and mull around on a few of the sites. They seemed to really enjoy the Dance Mat Typing. They also like to see their wpm on the They kept trying to beat the time that they had before. My only problem is that they need time to put towards typing practice. Where does that come from? I had to forgo my plans today so that they could get some time in. I guess if I was a classroom teacher I would use it for a morning work time, early finisher time or set aside some time for them during the week. I only have these lovelies for 20 mins so I am by no means prepared to give my instructional time to practice typing. I asked if they had access to the internet at home and most do. This way I could set up a contest and reward or something that would give them the incentive to practice at home instead of play video games and watch tv. Ha.. who am I kiddin'.... Anyway, I would have to find a site that allowed me to track the student progress or use a log that their parents would sign saying they practiced at home for so many mins. The point is the macs are working if you need to use them and they work on all of the typing sites Dr. K gave us.

  • typing - megangouge, Sun Oct 11 21:08
    I love the dance mat typing site! I have heard of it, but have never sat down and used it! I could definitely see myself using it with elementary kids if we had computers for them to type on. When we ... more
    • White Macs and Typing - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:33
      • Macs - megangouge, Wed Oct 14 07:48
        Thank goodness they are working for the time being but having to go get them every day is very inconvenient! I miss the days when each classroom had computers that could be easily used as a center.... more
        • macs - candithompson, Wed Oct 14 15:13
          It is so true, that the macs are working for right now because it will not last long. I really miss having computers in my classroom and using them for centers. Sometimes, I feel that we are working... more
      • Re: White Macs and Typing - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 13 21:34
        I totally agree with you on the whole time for practice. I gave up my social studies time to let my kids explore I think you had a good idea when you mentioned letting this be an... more
        • Grant - megangouge, Wed Oct 14 09:02
          In my spare time (haha) I think it would be beneficial to write a grant to get a few of the keyboards for iPads. I haven't thought of that before this conversation!
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