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Tue Oct 13, 2015 20:49

These students have had Ipads every year and they still can't type a paragraph in a timely manner. I feel that this is where we can't flex our tech muscles because of the typing barrier. I sure that someone thought that the more these students are on their Ipads that they will eventually learn how to type. That is not true. My 5th graders have had Ipads for some time and they are still hunting and pecking. I agree that a computer class as a special would be beneficial in so many ways.

  • and Keybr - amanda grindstaff, Mon Oct 12 17:15
    I played with all of these just to see what they were about and which one I would use and then I had the bright idea of letting my daughter play on them because she is eight. Of course she loves the... more
    • Agreed - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:49
    • Re: and Keybr - byrdaw, Tue Oct 13 20:40
      I agree that the skill needs to taught in a specials class. Time for instruction is often lost due to other daily interruptions. I agree that the students need this skill. I am going to research how... more
    • and Keybr - Martha Brown, Tue Oct 13 11:58
      As I have been looking at the typing practice games, I keep thing about my typing instruction from high school. I agree with you that students do need keyboarding skills. Is this instruction... more
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