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Re: White Macs and Typing
Tue Oct 13, 2015 21:34

I totally agree with you on the whole time for practice. I gave up my social studies time to let my kids explore I think you had a good idea when you mentioned letting this be an early-finisher activity...something productive and beneficial that they would enjoy on their iPads.

  • White Macs and Typing - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:33
    GOOD GREIF..... It has taken numerous man hours to get those macs working and they finally let the students on. I let my 5th graders play a few of the games and mull around on a few of the sites.... more
    • Macs - megangouge, Wed Oct 14 07:48
      Thank goodness they are working for the time being but having to go get them every day is very inconvenient! I miss the days when each classroom had computers that could be easily used as a center.... more
      • macs - candithompson, Wed Oct 14 15:13
        It is so true, that the macs are working for right now because it will not last long. I really miss having computers in my classroom and using them for centers. Sometimes, I feel that we are working... more
    • Re: White Macs and Typing - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 13 21:34
      • Grant - megangouge, Wed Oct 14 09:02
        In my spare time (haha) I think it would be beneficial to write a grant to get a few of the keyboards for iPads. I haven't thought of that before this conversation!
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