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Re: typing tutors/games/tests
Tue Oct 13, 2015 22:02

My kids really seemed to like Although they of course did this on their iPads and not n actual keyboard, they still enjoyed it. For me, the perk and downfall was the whole student account thing. I did take the time to create an account for each student, which was some what time consuming, but I feel like it's worth it since you can track students' progress and see what they're working on/ if they're actually working. Students have an enrichment time every other Friday with our librarian. We (teachers) choose what we would like for her to work with them on. They've recently been working on research, but I think something like this (or any of the other typing sites) could be a good use of that time as well to switch things up. Finding time to fit this in is challenging, so this would be a great way to squeeze it in. It was surprising, but I liked that is more of a drill versus a game, because I found that my kids took it more serious and seemed to actually work and try harder on it than some of the others like Dance Mat Typing (which they of course loved).

I found a "Speedy Speller/ Typer" and it seemed to be from the creators of Spelling City. This would be for older students and doesn't just focus on typing. It incorporates spelling/ vocabulary words as well. The player listens to spoke words and types them as quickly and accurately as possible while being timed. I haven't let me kids use this one yet, because the actual spelling component would be difficult/ frustrating for some of them.

Another game I found (and kinda became addicted to myself was "The Typing of the Ghosts." It's totally appropriate for Halloween coming up. Animated ghosts appear on the screen with words on them and the ghost keeps growing until you get the word typed. Obviously the object is to get rid of all the ghosts and keep them form growing by typing the words as quickly as possible. This would be a game for students to practice their keyboarding fluency, def not for beginners. Also, some of the words were long and higher vocabulary. Cute game for this time of year... if you're into cheesy cutesy Halloween stuff :)

  • typing tutors/games/tests - koppenhaverd, Wed Oct 7 14:27
    As you explore the typing sites. Would they work for some of your kids, all of them, none? Google and identify others. Discuss what you like about them (or not) and how you would use them with your... more
    • - Amanda , Fri Nov 13 06:20
      I put a couple of my kids on keyboarding during center time to see what would happen...first of was hilarious! Five year olds frustrate easily. Second of all that became the hot center of... more
    • typing games - candithompson, Wed Oct 14 15:08
      I found it really hard using the iPads for typing games. I also think it is difficult for first graders. I feel that each year my students handwriting gets worse along with their fine motor skills.... more
    • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 13 22:02
    • typing games - joanneabrams, Sun Oct 11 21:53
      I liked several of the typing games that I played. My favorite for my students were the Type-A Balloon game and Keyboard Climber. I liked these because they were easy to manipulate and for... more
      • Typing Games - Martha Brown, Tue Oct 13 11:29
        It was great to learn that there are so many typing/keyboard games available. I thought "The Keyboard Game" site was one that would be particularly good to use with the younger students even possibly ... more
        • Keyboarding - abramsjm, Tue Oct 27 14:12
          Keyboarding is such an important skill, yet with so much to cover with Common Core etc. it seems as if it has fallen by the wayside when it comes to instruction. I liked several of the keyboarding... more
    • typing - megangouge, Sun Oct 11 21:08
      I love the dance mat typing site! I have heard of it, but have never sat down and used it! I could definitely see myself using it with elementary kids if we had computers for them to type on. When we ... more
      • White Macs and Typing - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:33
        GOOD GREIF..... It has taken numerous man hours to get those macs working and they finally let the students on. I let my 5th graders play a few of the games and mull around on a few of the sites.... more
        • Macs - megangouge, Wed Oct 14 07:48
          Thank goodness they are working for the time being but having to go get them every day is very inconvenient! I miss the days when each classroom had computers that could be easily used as a center.... more
          • macs - candithompson, Wed Oct 14 15:13
            It is so true, that the macs are working for right now because it will not last long. I really miss having computers in my classroom and using them for centers. Sometimes, I feel that we are working... more
        • Re: White Macs and Typing - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 13 21:34
          I totally agree with you on the whole time for practice. I gave up my social studies time to let my kids explore I think you had a good idea when you mentioned letting this be an... more
          • Grant - megangouge, Wed Oct 14 09:02
            In my spare time (haha) I think it would be beneficial to write a grant to get a few of the keyboards for iPads. I haven't thought of that before this conversation!
    • Dance Mat Typing - Regina, Sun Oct 11 17:51
      I am familiar with the Dance Mat Typing. I used it several years ago when we had a computer lab with keyboards. The kids really liked the website. The characters have British accents that are funny... more
      • Dance Mat Typing - shannonsilver, Mon Oct 12 21:32
        I thought this site was so funny. I had a few students try it last Friday and they loved it. I am going to let them try a few of the different ones tomorrow and figure out which one they feel is most ... more
    • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - byrdaw, Sun Oct 11 06:06
      After the one to one initiative occurred in our county, the teachers identified typing as a need for our students. The students were taking a "keyboarding" class, but the teachers saw a need for... more
      • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 13 22:14
        Using homeroom is a great idea for keyboarding practice. Even though students have these technological tools they can benefit from, they still need to taught how they can MOST benefit from them, and... more
        • Re: typing tutors/games/tests - Martha Brown, Wed Oct 14 12:58
          It was very beneficial to explore and find the different typing practice sites. Some of the best I found were: (for ages 2-7) offers a free month trial... more
      • Sounds Fun - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:56
        I think your research project sounds fun. I, too, wanted the students to try out the different websites to see which one they liked. I can't wait to hear your results. I like the keyboard game and... more
      • Typing in 6th grade - haleyferrell, Mon Oct 12 11:38
        The 6th grade students at CMS would really benefit from this. I wish there was a website that worked on both typing and grammar. Has anybody looked that up? If not, then I will start investigating! I ... more
        • Grammar - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:43
          There is a google google extension called Ginger and it is a spell and grammar checker for everything you type. It works on websites and applications like WORD. Another extension I have been playing... more
      • Keyboarding Class - Melanie McLeod, Sun Oct 11 15:36
        Adele: Do the 6th graders still have the opportunity to take the actual keyboarding class at CMS? We truly need and enjoy our iPads, but students do not receive successful typing instruction unless... more
        • Re: Keyboarding Class - byrdaw, Mon Oct 12 19:57
          I do not believe they are doing this task this year. I completely agree with your assessment of the need for this skill. it would be beneficial to allot time for typing on the iPad. There are typing... more
          • Keyboarding - Melanie McLeod, Tue Oct 13 17:44
            That's too bad that they are not teaching keyboarding in the middle school this year. It's definitely needed since all students work with typing and technology each day.
            • Re: Keyboarding - candithompson, Wed Oct 14 15:18
              I have heard they have a class in 7th grade for keyboarding and other technology skills. Seems like we should have that much earlier.
    • Intro. to Keyboarding Skills - Melanie McLeod, Sat Oct 10 10:46
      I chose to have my class try the Dance Mat Typing (the British-version) typing practice. I chose to have my first grade students work with this website because it had more animation along with... more
      • and Keybr - amanda grindstaff, Mon Oct 12 17:15
        I played with all of these just to see what they were about and which one I would use and then I had the bright idea of letting my daughter play on them because she is eight. Of course she loves the... more
        • Agreed - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 13 20:49
          These students have had Ipads every year and they still can't type a paragraph in a timely manner. I feel that this is where we can't flex our tech muscles because of the typing barrier. I sure that... more
        • Re: and Keybr - byrdaw, Tue Oct 13 20:40
          I agree that the skill needs to taught in a specials class. Time for instruction is often lost due to other daily interruptions. I agree that the students need this skill. I am going to research how... more
        • and Keybr - Martha Brown, Tue Oct 13 11:58
          As I have been looking at the typing practice games, I keep thing about my typing instruction from high school. I agree with you that students do need keyboarding skills. Is this instruction... more
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