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Wed Oct 14, 2015 23:40

What constitutes best practice? As I am also taking Dr. Frye’s writing class, I have had lots of time to think about what I feel is best practice for writing. I believe that writing should be introduced creatively and by invitation when possible. Children respond well when writing is modeled before them, so they are able to see what each step/stage looks/feels like. I have been able to see children go from non-writers to writers through teacher modeling. Teacher modeling allows the teacher that time to be vulnerable and experience what she is asking her students to do. Students admire and respect that vulnerability (even if it is somewhat staged sometimes) and usually end up writing very well once they have been exposed to modeling and witnessed the expectations for their assignments first hand.

What ideas do you want to incorporate in your own teaching? Why? In the article by Charles McArthur “Reflections on Research on Writing and Technology for Struggling Readers”, MacArthur talks about how struggling readers/writers can benefit from a range of computer applications. He goes on to explain that word processing, spell check, word prediction, and speech recognition. In Dr. Gil’s class he told our Cohort about some technology apps that also came up in the articles. Dragon naturally speaking which is a voice recognition software. He has used this application himself and believes that it is very helpful to him. He has seen it work successfully with people with learning disabilities.

How do these articles match up with your own teaching? The articles talk about keeping a balance between writing skills (i.e.:::handwriting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization and strategies and processes. I too try to keep a balance between these two areas. Other recommendations mentioned were motivation and school/home connections. I enjoyed reading about the impact that the proper motivation and making a school/home connection can have. These are probably the two areas that I need to improve in the most as far as using them properly and to the degree needed in my writing instruction.

The way most teachers you know teach writing? I think that most teachers that I know tend to struggle a little more with teaching writing than they do anything else. This is due to the fact that so much emphasis is placed on reading and math, and writing sometimes is slightly overlooked. Writing however, can be a wonderful asset in the teaching of reading. Reading and writing can work hand-in-hand to improve a child’s academic well-being in both. Teacher’s also tend to be a bit intimidated by teaching writing. I think that is because so many of us come into the classroom being unsure/underprepared to teach writing. I don’t remember very much emphasis being placed on the teaching of writing in my undergrad. I think that the teachers I work with have had similar experiences with their own educations.

What technologies that are discussed do you most want to learn more about? I want to learn more about the technology apps. available to help students with learning disabilities. I teach students who have learning disabilities and I feel like some of these applications could really help them focus more on their content by easing the struggle of the focus on spelling and getting their thoughts written down quickly enough before they forget where their thought processes were going.

What questions do the articles raise for you? I can’t help but wonder how we are going to find more time in our day to focus more on writing. Writing is such an important piece of the puzzle and I feel that sometimes we just don’t give it the time and respect that is due. Why are so many teachers struggling with teaching writing…..is it perhaps that we came into the classroom without the proper arms to provide our students with proper writing instruction??

  • Writing discussion - Regina, Sun Oct 11 17:20
    Brittany, After reading the articles, I feel that students need to be typing their stories on their iPads. Do you think we need to look into getting keyboards for the iPads at our school??
    • Writing Discussion - walshjm2, Wed Oct 14 23:40
    • Re: Writing discussion - brittanyavery, Sun Oct 11 17:25
      Keyboards would be a great idea! I just feel like typing is a skill they need to learn before they're given mac books in middle school with no typing (besides tapping/touching on the iPads)... more
      • Re: Writing discussion - Amanda grindstaff, Mon Oct 12 16:37
        Our kids truly do need to learn keyboarding because as much as the computer has become part of our existence i can't imagine not know how to type. I know that they learn to text and type with thumbs... more
        • writing Discussion - walshjm2, Wed Oct 14 23:52
          I also believe that we need a keyboarding class or instructional sessions incorporated into our curriculum day. I think that so many children could benefit from this. So much in today's world is... more
          • Keyboarding & Writing Content - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 7 08:54
            Hi Jennifer: I think that school districts should require a technology facilitator to come into each grade-level's classroom at least once per week, have keyboard hookups for the iPads, and give each ... more
      • Keyboarding - megangouge, Sun Oct 11 20:30
        Teaching keyboarding and typing skills on an iPad is totally backwards to me! I have printed keyboards on larger paper that I have used in the past for students to practice typing their spelling... more
      • Writing discussion - Regina, Sun Oct 11 20:13
        We need to talk to our principal about that :0)
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