writing Discussion
Wed Oct 14, 2015 23:52

I also believe that we need a keyboarding class or instructional sessions incorporated into our curriculum day. I think that so many children could benefit from this. So much in today's world is centered around technology. Responses to emails, Power points, Keynote presentations, and on-and-on in the work field. Keyboarding abilities could be a means of easing the burden for children who struggle with writing. If a child is taught to keyboard then they can typically work quicker and more efficiently. I feel that this efficiency will also yield a better result for writing assignments as students can focus more on content if they have the advantage of typing their thoughts rather than handwriting them. We all know that typing (keyboarding) is definitely the quicker option.

  • Re: Writing discussion - Amanda grindstaff, Mon Oct 12 16:37
    Our kids truly do need to learn keyboarding because as much as the computer has become part of our existence i can't imagine not know how to type. I know that they learn to text and type with thumbs... more
    • writing Discussion - walshjm2, Wed Oct 14 23:52
      • Keyboarding & Writing Content - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 7 08:54
        Hi Jennifer: I think that school districts should require a technology facilitator to come into each grade-level's classroom at least once per week, have keyboard hookups for the iPads, and give each ... more
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