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amanda grindstaff
Mon Oct 19, 2015 16:19

I truly feel like teaching grammar is a waste of time and I do feel like it is more important to teach them how to plan, draft, revise, edit and publish and to be more creative and in time the other parts will develop themselves. I am just tickled to teach my kids how to hold a pencil at this point (I teach kindergarten). We have inventive spelling and I love the way they write with their whole heart. I do agree with your statement whole heartedly!!! I have enjoyed arguing with you!!

  • Don't want it to be lost - koppenhaverd, Mon Oct 19 16:07
    So essentially your argument is "if it was bad enough for me, it's bad enough for my kids" :-) You're a bright, creative, thoughtful teacher and mother. I bet you can find something more useful to... more
    • grammar - amanda grindstaff, Mon Oct 19 16:19
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