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Melanie McLeod
Embedded Learning
Thu Oct 22, 2015 20:03

I agree that grammar instruction should be completely embedded within contextual writing for specific purposes. The more that children are engaged in the process and act of writing, I feel that grammar is learned via writing production vs. via practicing grammar on isolated words and sentences.

  • Engaged - megangouge, Mon Oct 19 17:38
    I 100% agree with the statement from the Does Bad "Grammar" Instruction Make Writing Worse? "The best grammar instruction happens when studnets are so engaged in a writing project that they want to... more
    • Re: Engaged - brittanyavery, Wed Oct 28 20:22
      Megan, I found the same thing was true last year when we did persuasive writing! When we wrote our class letter to the PE teacher asking him to let them play on the monkey bars on the playground,... more
    • Re: Engaged - candithompson, Fri Oct 23 13:50
      It is hard to make younger students understand that their stories are worth writing about. My favorite writing to teach is persuasive writing as well. I agree with you that the kids are involved and... more
      • Re: Engaged - martha Brown, Sat Oct 24 22:37
        You make such a great point with the persuasive writing. This is a good way for younger students to see the results of their writing and what can be accomplished through writing. This provides... more
    • Embedded Learning - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 22 20:03
    • Writing is important - haleyferrell, Thu Oct 22 12:12
      Megan, Like you, I spent a lot of time with a kindergarten student working on personal narratives. He loved to draw and was very artistic however when it came to writing about his story he struggled. ... more
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